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AlphaKey Club™: Open your keys to early literacy, empathy, self-esteem and arts.


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AlphaKey Club™ offers activities that engage children in discussion about the AlphaKey vocabulary which promotes early literacy. Partnering letters and words like A for Achieve...B for Bold, C for Confidence or S for Support children develop a deeper understanding and sensitivity to self and to their communication with and for others. Literacy is the foundation for the basis of all other academic skills. As children learn the fundamental alphabet of the English language, they are exposed to life virtues that can empower them from an early age. Through the AlphaKey alphabet educators and care-givers can introduce abstract concepts to supplement and enhance cognitive development.

With each workshop AlphaKey Club™  utilizes the making of art and dance, literature, and discussions about interpersonal skills to family, peers and teachers to encourage self-expression, healthy self-esteem and to strengthen teamwork and a sense of philanthropy. When you purchase the AlphaKey Alphabet Activity Coloring Book, you can bring the activities into your home!


AlphaKey Club™ is a certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise of

New York City. (MWBE)


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