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AlphaKey Club



Literacy, Art & Dance Workshops

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Mission Statement:
The mission of AlphaKey Club™ Art & Dance Youth Workshops is to encourage literacy, empathy, creativity, understanding, self-esteem and commitment to self and others through art and dance.

    The AlphaKey Club program is special and has two important keys that make it unique. The first key is the AlphaKey Club alphabet which promotes early literacy, positive expression and support for child social and emotional growth and empathy for others. Participants engage in vocabulary discussions, art creation and/or dance activities. An additional key in the AlphaKey Club program is that we offer classes that engage children and their grown-ups to model how collaboration with an adult or more knowledgeable peer can significantly increase mental cognition.  

   Fostering family conversations using AlphaKey Alphabet words like dignity and grateful promotes deeper understanding, transparency and patience from the adult perspective to strengthen parent/caregiver-child bond. The AlphaKey Club™ workshops provide a safe space for young people to freely express themselves, while determining how to succeed and be change makers in their communities.

    Through partnership AlphaKey Club™ connects youth across the globe to experience likeness among youth and their families. AlphaKey Club™ has partnered with several notable organizations in NYC, including Barnes & Noble, The Floating Hospital and the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

AlphaKey Club™ Workshop Objectives:

  1. Through discussion,  an understanding for the AlphaKey Alphabet™ vocabulary is developed.

  2. To nurture self-expression and self-esteem through creative arts.

  3. Foster a deeper understanding of self within a family or a child's home or school environment.

  4. Encourage or provide a philanthropic experience.


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