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Frequently Asked Questions

AlphaKey Club™  Workshop & Activity Book Inquiry Form


Frequently Asked Questions- Answers:


A: AlphaKey Club™ Literacy Art & Dance Workshops can be interwoven into day programming or offered as a separate program.


A: Schools or parents can request single workshops in quantity desired.


A: Art supply fee is for in person classes only and is dependent on number of participants and workshops requested.


A: Payment plans are accepted.

A: AlphaKey Club accepts payment through Paypal or Venmo.


A: AlphaKey Club™ is a registered NYC vendor, DOE vendor and also a NYC M/WBE certified business.


Use contact form to get further pricing and information about AlphaKey Club™ Online Classes and Single or Group tutoring.


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AlphaKey Club™ is a certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise of New York City. (MWBE)

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April 2017
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