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What is AlphaKey™?

AlphaKey Club LLC

Alphakey Club is available for school residencies and workshops, for grades K - 6th, centered around early literacy and the promotion of arts. Participants engage in book discussions, art creation and movement activities. The AlphaKey alphabet promotes empathy, positive expressions and support for self and for others. The workshops offer opportunities that engage children in art and dance to foster philanthropy, teamwork, self-expression, and to build self-esteem.
The AlphaKey Club™ workshops provide a safe space for young people to freely express themselves through conversation, art and movement, while determining how to succeed and be change makers in their communities.







AlphaKey Club™ Workshop Objectives:

1. Through discussion develop an understanding for the AlphaKey Alphabet™ vocabulary.
2. To nurture self-expression and self-esteem through creative arts and movement.
3. Foster a deeper understanding of self and others through the discussion of age-appropriate texts.
4. Encourage or provide a philanthropic experience.

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