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Can you see your face in the silhouettes? Inspired by the colors of faces we see everyday!

4.21" x 5.47" Magnet. Sturdy and waterproof.

"I AM"

  • Can be made into a poster, postcard or refrigerator magnet.
    TITLE in order by FIRST Silhouette:
    #1 "I AM Colors" - Orange Solid
    #2 "I AM Colors" - Lime Green Solid
    #3 "I AM Shapes" - Orange Stripes
    #4 "I AM Shapes" - Blue Stripes
    #5 "I AM Shapes" - Pink Stripes
    #6 "I AM East" - Green with Curved Lines

    Art Work is printed on 80- 100lb artist paper. Unframed. Delivered in cardboard art sleeve.
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