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Why virtual learning pods?

ONLINE Classes

The right way to learn is the virtual way to learn with a supplemental IN-PERSON learning experience at least once per week depending on your household. This is because where ordinarily a child may get pushed to the fringe of an over-crowded classroom, can now be seen and accommodated to suit their needs.

Virtual learning has been in practice for awhile. The pandemic of 2019-2020 has forced teachers, school and parents to consider the virtual learning platform as a legitimate means of educating children. The issue with virtual learning is that it lacks the social emotional skill building that early learners need to develop healthy social skills and ability to learn in a social setting. Working, in person, with other children and being engaged in some form of group work (cooperative learning), increases knowledge and develops important skills like communication, teamwork, empathy and delayed gratification. These skills are crucial to building a foundation for academic success throughout a child's life.

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